What is MyChart and who can use it?

MyChart offers personalized and secure on-line access to portions of your medical records to help manage information about your health. You can use MyChart to:

-View a health summary from your Brookwood Baptist Health medical record

-View lab results, vital signs, most diagnoses, and allergies

MyChart is currently available to Brookwood Baptist Health patients who either have an activation code from a recent hospital discharge or an activation code was generated based on a personal request.

Is there a fee to use MyChart?

MyChart is a free service offered to our patients.

How do I sign up?

Patients who wish to participate will be issued a MyChart activation code. The most common method of getting an activation code is one will be printed on your Discharge Instructions when you are in the hospital. This code enables you to log in and create your own user ID and password. If you have lost your activation code or it has expired, please call (205) 264-2046 for assistance.

Can I view a family member's records?

We do not offer family member's record or "proxy" access at this time.

Can my spouse and I share one MyChart account?

No. Each MyChart account is specific for that particular patient. You must each have your own separate accounts based on your own medical record number.

When can I see my test results in MyChart?

You can expect to receive most of your test results within 3 business days after the test has been finalized.

Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyChart?

Due to the sensitive nature of certain tests, Brookwood Baptist Health recommends that you contact your primary care physician with any questions or concerns about test results.

How old must I be in order to get a MyChart Account?

In accordance with Alabama State Law, an individual may have medical record access at 14 years of age.

I forgot my username. What should I do?

If you cannot remember your MyChart Username, click on Forgot MyChart Username? on the login page.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click Forgot Password? on the login page to reset your password online.

How can I change my MyChart password?

Log into MyChart and from the main menu, click on "Change Password." Follow the directions to change your password.

Can you send me a new activation code if I lost it, let it expire, or did not receive it?

Yes, please call (205) 264-2046 for assistance.

Will my MyChart password expire?

Your password will not expire. However, if you reset your password for any reason, you will be required to choose a new password.

How secure is MyChart?

We take great care to ensure that your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through a secure activation code, personal ID, and password. Each person controls his/her password and Brookwood Baptist Health encourages you not to share your password.

What is the Brookwood Baptist Health Privacy Policy?

MyChart is owned and operated by Brookwood Baptist Health and is fully compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy. We treat your name and e-mail address with the same care and privacy given to your health records. No information will ever be sold or leased by MyChart.

I was logged out of MyChart. What happened?

We aim to protect the privacy and the security of your information. While logged into MyChart, if the keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out. We recommend logging out of your MyChart session if you need to leave the computer for even a short period of time.

My activation code does not work. What should I do?

For your security, if you do not activate your MyChart account within 60 days, your activation code expires and is no longer valid. If this occurs, please call (205) 264-2046 for assistance.

Is my activation code my username?

No. Your activation code can be found on your hospital Discharge Instructions and is not your MyChart username or password. Use the activation code once to log into MyChart for the first time. (The code expires after use or after 60 days). When you create your MyChart account for the first time, part of the new account process is to create a unique MyChart username and password.

What if I don't have an email account?

You will not be able to access MyChart without a valid e-mail account. We suggest you sign up for one before you proceed.

How do I deactivate my MyChart account?

To deactivate your MyChart account, please call our Service Desk at (205) 264-2046 for assistance.

How do I contact Customer Service for further questions?

If you have questions or need technical assistance regarding MyChart, please contact our Service Desk at (205) 264-2046. We look forward to serving you!